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Artist : Eternal Madness
Album : Bongkar Batas

Genre : Ethnic Death Metal
Records : 2000

Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3

Web : Eternal Madness

01 Kidung kematian (Palebon)
02 Kuruk Setra
03 Bunuh Diri

04 Trauma Kaliyuga
05 Disebabkan Agama
06 Hanya Ilusi
07 Bongkar Batas
08 Karmaphala
09 Jalan Keabadian
10 Gerbang Dimensi Abadi


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Created in year 1994 by Moel Madness (bass / vocal), Cax Wisnu (guitar) and Ari separatis (drummer). While making the first album ‘Offerings to Rangda’ , the drummer resigned and with the help of an additional drummer the album was released in year 1997. At the end of year 1997, after Eternal Madness have a new drummer Johan, a semi major label ‘Rotor Corp’ asked them to join ‘metaliklinik’ the first ever compilation album that was distributed nationally in local stores with the best metal bands in Indonesia. When the band started more serious, Cax Wisnu decided to put down his guitar and stoped his music career, then he was replaced by Didot (1999). At the same year Johan resigned, since that , Eternal Madness used drum machine when was asked again to join Metaliklinik 3 compilation and released the second album ‘Bongkar Batas’. In 2002 Death Ra replaced Didot .

Eternal Madness current formation are :

Moel Madness (bass / vocal),
Death Ra (guitar 1),
Adith (guitar 2)

Eternal Madness Discography:

1997 : Offerings to Rangda
1997 : Metaliklinik 1 (compilation)
1999 : Metaliklinik 3 (compilation)
2000 : Bongkar Batas
2007 : Abad Kegilaan


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Artist : The Djihard
Album : I
nvisible Justice
Genre : Punk
Records : 1999 (BOB Records
Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3

Web : The Djihard

01 Intro (Millenium)
02 Invisible Justice
03 Criminal
04 Bangkung
05 Djihad
06 Police Sucks
07 Lets Make A War

08 Wake-Up
09 Fucking Money
10 Hey Gaul...
11 Protest To Survive
12 Boys Got The Money
13 Freedy Krueger
14 Chaos Day


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Initially, it was Djihad, 1997 with 5 youth worshippers of The Exploited, Total Chaos & The Casualties: Roy, Oche, Dekha, Solir & Konok. Post-releasing 750 pieces (cassettes) debut album, “Invisible Justice”, in 1999, which received very-well responses from Bali Punk Rock community and requested to be participated in the local legendary compilation album “100% Attitude” (along with Superman Is Dead, Emocore Revolver, Commercial Suicide & Victory); Djihad thus was transformed into The Dji Hard. And almost at the same time, two of the personnel, Solir & Konok, resigned, where they were replaced by Houten (guitar). Yes, The Dji Hard now consists of four. Nevertheless, their popularity as Bali Punk Rock veteran (especially around Chaos Punk, Anarcho Punk and alike) has reached the ultimate level. It’s easy to guess then when the second album, “Tikam Negeri” – Stab the Country, was launched in 2006, the response was unbelievable. Majority of the old fans assumed The Dji Hard progressing significantly. The new fans, well, has already been bewildered first by the big name of The Dji Hard….

Pada mulanya adalah Djihad, 1997. Pada mulanya adalah 5 anak muda pemuja The Exploited, Total Chaos, & The Casualties: Roy, Oche, Dekha, Solir & Konok.Setelah merilis debut album sebanyak 750 keping (kaset) pada 1999, “Invisible Justice”, yang notabene mendapat tanggapan sangat baik dari skena Punk Rock Bali serta diajak serta berpartisipasi di album kompilasi legendaris lokal “100% Attitude” (bersama Superman Is Dead, Emocore Revolver, Commercial Suicide, & Victory); Djihad lalu bertransformasi menjadi The Dji Hard. Dan di saat hampir bersamaan, dua personelnya, Solir & Konok, mengundurkan diri yang kemudian digantikan oleh Houten (gitar). Iya, The Dji Hard kini tinggal ber-4. Namun ketenaran mereka sebagai veteran Punk Rock Bali (utamanya di jazirah Chaos Punk, Anarcho Punk, dan sejenisnya) telah mencapai jenjang tinggi. Dan mudah ditebak, saat album ke-2, “Tikam Negeri”, diluncurkan pada 2006, sambutan yang didapatkan amat mencengangkan. Fans lama mayoritas menganggap The Dji Hard mengalami kemajuan signifikan. Fans baru, well, sudah terlanjur terpesona duluan dengan nama besar The Dji Hard….

by : Rudolf Dethu

1. Invisible Justice
Produser: Bayu “Bomb on Bus”
Label: BOB Records
Rilis: 1999

2. Tikam Negeri
Produser: Markas
Label: Markas Records
Rilis: 2006

3. 100% Attitude (kompilasi)
Produser: Commercial Suicide
Label: Lunatic Records
Rilis: 1999

4. Moshpit Mavericks (kompilasi)
Produser: A Mild Live
Label: The Blado Beatsmith
Rilis: 2007

5. Flame Music For Able People (kompilasi)
Produser: Flameable
Label: Flameable
Rilis: 2009


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