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Artist : Ugly Bastard
Album : Denpasar Keep Survive
Genre : Punk
Records : 2009

Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3
Web : Ugly Bastard

01 Denpasar Keep Survive
Dead Propaganda
03 Hidup Hanya Untuk Mati
04 Konsumtif Fatalis
05 Make Your Self Threat Again

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mp3 from : Isan Rawkz

is a band that originated from third world countries of Indonesia, Bali, Denpasar, formed in 2005 with the early formation Bom - Bom (Vocal Guitar), Okky (Back Vocal/Bass) and Isan (Drum) up in the months before the end of the year 2009 Gilang enter fill in the guitar and going to revamp a Bom - Bom (Vocal), Okky (Bass), Gilang (Back Vocal /Guitar) and Isan (Drum).

UGLY BASTARD musically bring Punk D-beat HC . In the current terms of lyrics for the lyrics maybe we were too casual :-p.

Our primary intention was originally possible in forming the band on the rebound just sheer passion in music (boy band so I'll say that, hehehe) but with the passing of the process in this band we started to find a more meaningful purpose than just play music in this band. We began to think that the band / music can be used as a medium to convey ideas, build friendship networks, media development / strengthening of the community (This one may not succeed, Hopefully one day can actually be achieved, hehehe ^^) and most importantly, the band / This music we make one of our instructional media, how we can sharpen the mind and self in order to be more critical and honest in looking at the world and problems, etc. to all the above we think can make our lives more lively.


- 2009: Demo CD "Denpasar Keep Survive"

- 2009: "Berawal Dari Kesalahan" Compilation From Vol 1 (Hyena Records)

to view the catalog T-Shirt, please click the image below and to order, please call this number : 08563806183(Okky) ONLY FOR INDONESIA

Katalog T - Shirt Ugly Bastard

Booking & Contact :


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Artist : Scared Of Bums
Album : Promo
Genre : Melodic Core
Records : -

Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3
Web : Scared Of Bums

01 Destined to Live (download)
02 Time To Learning (download)

03 Dusta Bukan Harapan (download)


After years of waiting, in early 2007 they launched their first Self titled metal melodic core album called Scared of Bums.

Scared of Bums defines their music as an oxygen that always bring life to them and without music, they'll feel only emptiness in this world. Since they picked up their guitar up and create a punk-metal-melodic core, they want to wake up the other genre music in Bali especialy Metal one and show their existence.

They declared their enthusiasm to punk-metal-melodic core genre and promise to focus on this genre, Their songs, such as "Takut", "Jahanam", "Impian", and their top hits "No Place Like Home and Boring" shown their awareness to social life and daily living.


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Artist : The Hydrant
Album : Rockabilly Live!

Genre : Rockabilly
Records : EMI, 2007 (major)

Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3

Web : The Hydrant

01 Show Time
02 Lost In Seminyak

04 Jalan-Jalan
05 Kakiku-Kaku
06 Ku Jatuh Padamu
07 Rockin' A Rock
08 Pantai Surga
09 Sisir Opa
10 Taste Of Rock
11 Karmila
12 Jump Baby Jump
13 Saturday Night
14 Shout


Formed in Bali, 2004, shocked Indonesia with the 50's Rockabilly outfits. Cello 'the Black Elvis', Wis ' the Hot Rod Guitar Devil', Zio 'the cool big bass' and Morris 'the villain Prince Charming' have blown the new fresh air to Indonesian Music. Think Elvis meets Stray Cats, the Hydrant's sounds keep shocking, eventually EMI music Indonesia made a contract in early 2007, first major album under EMI is Rockabilly Live!, Previously The Hydrant released Saturday Night Riot under Electrohell Record and 3 compilation albums. The aim is to bring the rockabilly sound from Bali to all over the country. The beautiful stage act, the Hydrant known as the Rockabilly Riot from Bali.

Influence ; Brian Setzer,Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash,Wayne Hancock, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Dick Dale, Reverend Horton Heat, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Stray Cats,all 50's Rock n Roll, The Southern Beach Terror and Surf bands


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Artist : The Brews
Album : -
Genre : Punk/Punk Rock
Records : -

Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3
Web : The Brews

01 Daily News (download)
02 Tragedy In Island Of Dreams (download)

03 Microsoft Gonna Be Kill (download)

a long time ago, there are 2 stupid and idiot asshole who studied in the same Junior High School, they were D-Bayu and Coplet, they have a same vision about how to play an instrument in a band so they could make a silly song, to show their internal emotional dillema. After couple months, they decide to recruit a guitar player, and here's come the next idiot, Poe-2, which is dont know how to play guitar. After practicing their own songs and cover songs ( From NOFX,Nirvana,Lagwagon,Bad Religion,Pennywise,Offsring), they were stuck with their band name, so they named their band THE BREWS in 1996 ( taken from NOFX song ), and in 1999 they found another idiot...( wow 4 idiot in one band?!?!? ), it was Cox-D for Lead guitar. We already release 3 album..the 1st album was so horrible ( but its sold out 150 copies ) and their 2nd album still horrible....... ( 500 copies sounds better ) and their latest album " Good Times and Bad Times, released " under Lonely King Records label. When the years and age getting older...everything change directly..D-bayu and Cox-D go to US for working,cause they wants to build their future by earn some money in US..So The Brews were left 2 members only...Poe-2 and Coplet,but they still continued the mission....While working they still playin some gigs with The Brews,Coplet also have another band project and it seems like he neglected The Brews,but actually he dont. So now the new Line Up for The Brews are : Poe-2(Lead Vocal,Guitar1), D-Waz (Lead Vocal,Guitar2), Buntex(Back Vocs,Bass), Coplet(Back Vocs,Drums) And now they prepare some new songs to kick ur ass dude! Cheers THE BREWS


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Artist : Devil Dice
Album : In The Arms Of The Angel
Genre : Punk Rock/Rockabilly Punk
Records : Lonely King Records

Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3
Web : Devil Dice

01 Childhood Broken Glass (download)
02 Don't Shine On Me (download)

03 Down Town To Zero (download)
04 In The Arms Of The Angel (download)
05 Kings, Queens & Poisons (download)
06 Liar Of The Year (download)
07 Never A Saint (download)
08 Rock N Roll City (download)
09 This Evil Town (download)
10 Sunset & Butterfly (download)

Terbentuk 1997 di tengah keramaian dosa dan peristiwa di Kuta [Bali], Devildice adalah Jerinx [gitar/vokal] dan Kuzz [bass] awalnya memakai nama Culture On Fire dan memilih menjadi band cover version Social Distortion, band punk old skool idola mereka. Dibantu oleh beberapa kawan yang mengisi posisi drum dan gitar, Culture On Fire rajin meramaikan acara-acara musik yang bersifat underground di Bali.

Kesibukan Jerinx yang juga drummer/penulis lagu di Superman Is Dead [SID] membuat Culture On Fire makin terproyeksi menjadi band yang 'agak kurang serius' dalam berkarir dan nyaman dengan status band cover version.

Tahun 2002, Jerinx menyadari ia punya banyak stok lagu yang tidak masuk dalam karakter SID namun bisa ia masukkan ke dalam karakter Culture On Fire yang lebih gelap. Ia pun memutuskan untuk lebih serius lagi menjalani proyek band keduanya ini. Setelah mengalami bongkar pasang personel dan perubahan nama menjadi Devildice, Jerinx dan kawan kawan akhirnya merilis mini album perdana Devildice 'In The Arms Of The Angels' tahun 2004 dengan biaya dan label sendiri.

Hingga kini [2009] Devildice yang diperkuat Jerinx, Kuzz, Cash [gitar], T.R [drum] dan Dr.F [trumpet] telah bermain di ratusan festival musik, acara amal, skate, surf, tattoos dan motor di stadion, pantai, lapangan, bar/club di Bali.
Devildice juga terlibat dalam beberapa proyek kampanye lingkungan, album kompilasi, skate video, surf video dan lain lain.

Dalam berkesenian, Devildice banyak dipengaruhi film-film gangster/mafia jaman dulu, kustom kulture dan eksotisme khas punk tropikal.

Formed in 1997 in the middle of sins and happenings of Kuta (Bali), Devildice was put together by Jerinx (guitar/vocal) and Kuzz (bass), and formerly used the name Culture On Fire, which chose to be cover version of Social Distortion, their favorite old skool rock n roll punk band. With the help of friends in drum and guitar, Culture On Fire entertained the Bali underground music scene.

With Jerinx as the drummer and songwriter of Superman Is Dead (SID), gave this band the impression of a ‘halfhearted band’ and comfortable with the status of cover version band.

In 2002, Jerinx realized that he had many wrote many songs, which were not the character of SID songs but he could use them as songs of Culture On Fire, which was more dark than SID. He, then decided to be more serious in running his second band. After, there were few personnel changes and the rename of the band to be “Devildice”, eventually Jerinx and his friends released their first album ‘In The Arms Of The Angels’ in 2004. This album was produced independently with their own cash and label.

Now (2009), with the formation of Jerinx (vocal/guitar), Kuzz (bass), Cash (guitar), T.R (drum), and Mr.F (trumpet), Devildice has performed in variety of music festivals, charity concerts, skate, surf, tattoos, and bike competitions at stadiums, beach, courts, bars, clubs in Bali.

Devildice has also been involved in few environment campaign projects, compilation album, skate video, surf video and many more.

In making music and arts, Devildice is influenced by old ganster/mafia movies, kustom kulture, and the exotic of tropical punk.


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Artist : Sick Bastard
Album : Punks Not Dead
Genre : Hard Punk/Punk
Records : -

Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3
Web : -

01 Sick Bastard
02 Berandal
03 Humman Error
04 Dps
05 Punk Not For Sale


06 Sodara
07 Way Of Life
08 War
09 Fight Back
10 Kill The Bastard


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pass : IMB
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Artist : Criminal Asshole
Album : Pejah Ing Ranang Gana
Genre : Street Punk/Punk
Records : Reform Records
Country : Indonesia, Bali
Format : mp3
Web : -

01 Intro - Puputan Badung 1906
02 Pejah Ing Ranang Gana
03 Grubug
04 Gonjang - Ganjing
05 Duratmaka
06 Partai Api
07 Tajen


08 Anarchi II
10 Cai
11 Police Kacarita
12 Amah Tai
13 Purak
14 PDS Punk


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pass :IMB
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Artist : Superman Is Dead
Album :
Superman Is Dead
Genre : Punk Rock
Records : 1999
(Midi Quest Studio Bali)
Country : Indonesia, Bali
Format : mp3
Web : Superman Is Dead

My Space : Superman Is Dead

01 Me And My Duty
02 Fucking Hero
03 Fellin In Heaven

04 It's No Right
05 Unity Of Cells
06 You Gove
07 White Crickcets
08 Mengintip
09 The Fat


upload by : dedhic pasukan mati
pass : IMB
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