KHALIKAMAYA are form in 1995 who are inspired by fast blasting music in that time like Immortal, Marduk, Satyricon and start their journey to the black abyss since then, as the time slip trough their mind of their own , the band starting to collapse and got separated in the year of 2000.......after they take their time in 10 years to discover what is going on with us, what's wrong with us...they seems to realize that this band must be reunited, reborn, reconstructed.......and so may it be...WE ARE BACK FROM THE DEAD...IT'S TIME TO TAKE OUR 10 YEARS OF REVENGE....AND TAKE BACK WHAT IS OUR'S..........!!!

Khala Bherawa - Lead Vocal
Arievkhaliaergh - Guitar + Back Vocal
Bhairavas - Bass
Magnus Of Ambrozia - Drum

Name : Khalikamaya
Genre : Black Metal
Webs :

Dhurga Ghauri (download)
Samsara (download)

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