Track ;

01 Codex Of The Lost Path - Download
02 War Monsters Bloodlust - Download
03 The Plague Of Hatred - Download

Beruank Galak Bio : 

Beruank Galak is a virtual metal band founded by Beruank Edan from denpasar-Bali, in october 2010. Started as one man band, Willy Damien (Umbra Mortis -Jakarta) then joined as lead guitar in december 2010. Rizky Maulana (Vallendusk/Valevor-Jakarta) joined in December 2011 as vocalist. Beruank Galak songs theme is all about the world wars and mass destruction.

Current lineup : 

Budhi Beruank Edan (rythm guitar), 
Willy Damien (lead guitar,bass), 
Derick Prawira (vocals)

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