Artist : Ugly Bastard
Album : Denpasar Keep Survive
Genre : Punk
Records : 2009

Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3
Web : Ugly Bastard

01 Denpasar Keep Survive
Dead Propaganda
03 Hidup Hanya Untuk Mati
04 Konsumtif Fatalis
05 Make Your Self Threat Again

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mp3 from : Isan Rawkz

is a band that originated from third world countries of Indonesia, Bali, Denpasar, formed in 2005 with the early formation Bom - Bom (Vocal Guitar), Okky (Back Vocal/Bass) and Isan (Drum) up in the months before the end of the year 2009 Gilang enter fill in the guitar and going to revamp a Bom - Bom (Vocal), Okky (Bass), Gilang (Back Vocal /Guitar) and Isan (Drum).

UGLY BASTARD musically bring Punk D-beat HC . In the current terms of lyrics for the lyrics maybe we were too casual :-p.

Our primary intention was originally possible in forming the band on the rebound just sheer passion in music (boy band so I'll say that, hehehe) but with the passing of the process in this band we started to find a more meaningful purpose than just play music in this band. We began to think that the band / music can be used as a medium to convey ideas, build friendship networks, media development / strengthening of the community (This one may not succeed, Hopefully one day can actually be achieved, hehehe ^^) and most importantly, the band / This music we make one of our instructional media, how we can sharpen the mind and self in order to be more critical and honest in looking at the world and problems, etc. to all the above we think can make our lives more lively.


- 2009: Demo CD "Denpasar Keep Survive"

- 2009: "Berawal Dari Kesalahan" Compilation From Vol 1 (Hyena Records)

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