Artist : The Brews
Album : -
Genre : Punk/Punk Rock
Records : -

Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3
Web : The Brews

01 Daily News (download)
02 Tragedy In Island Of Dreams (download)

03 Microsoft Gonna Be Kill (download)

a long time ago, there are 2 stupid and idiot asshole who studied in the same Junior High School, they were D-Bayu and Coplet, they have a same vision about how to play an instrument in a band so they could make a silly song, to show their internal emotional dillema. After couple months, they decide to recruit a guitar player, and here's come the next idiot, Poe-2, which is dont know how to play guitar. After practicing their own songs and cover songs ( From NOFX,Nirvana,Lagwagon,Bad Religion,Pennywise,Offsring), they were stuck with their band name, so they named their band THE BREWS in 1996 ( taken from NOFX song ), and in 1999 they found another idiot...( wow 4 idiot in one band?!?!? ), it was Cox-D for Lead guitar. We already release 3 album..the 1st album was so horrible ( but its sold out 150 copies ) and their 2nd album still horrible....... ( 500 copies sounds better ) and their latest album " Good Times and Bad Times, released " under Lonely King Records label. When the years and age getting older...everything change directly..D-bayu and Cox-D go to US for working,cause they wants to build their future by earn some money in US..So The Brews were left 2 members only...Poe-2 and Coplet,but they still continued the mission....While working they still playin some gigs with The Brews,Coplet also have another band project and it seems like he neglected The Brews,but actually he dont. So now the new Line Up for The Brews are : Poe-2(Lead Vocal,Guitar1), D-Waz (Lead Vocal,Guitar2), Buntex(Back Vocs,Bass), Coplet(Back Vocs,Drums) And now they prepare some new songs to kick ur ass dude! Cheers THE BREWS

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