Artist : The Djihard
Album : Tikam Negeri
Genre : Punk Rock
Country : Indonesia, Bali
Facebook : The Djihard

02.Tikam Negeri
04.Ranjau Darat
06.God Blast Indonesia
07.Gali Kubur
08.Confrontational Behaviour (EMOCORE REVOLVER COVER)
10.Kuda Besi
12.Promise to Suicide
13.Habis Terang Terbitlah Gelap

password : BEXM

Initially, it was Djihad, 1997 with 5 youth worshippers of The Exploited, Total Chaos & The Casualties: Roy, Oche, Dekha, Solir & Konok. Post-releasing 750 pieces (cassettes) debut album, “Invisible Justice”, in 1999, which received very-well responses from Bali Punk Rock community and requested to be participated in the local legendary compilation album “100% Attitude” (along with Superman Is Dead, Emocore Revolver, Commercial Suicide & Victory); Djihad thus was transformed into The Dji Hard. And almost at the same time, two of the personnel, Solir & Konok, resigned, where they were replaced by Houten (guitar). Yes, The Dji Hard now consists of four. Nevertheless, their popularity as Bali Punk Rock veteran (especially around Chaos Punk, Anarcho Punk and alike) has reached the ultimate level. It’s easy to guess then when the second album, “Tikam Negeri” – Stab the Country, was launched in 2006, the response was unbelievable. Majority of the old fans assumed The Dji Hard progressing significantly. The new fans, well, has already been bewildered first by the big name of The Dji Hard….

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