Artist : The Dissland
Album : Berandal Terkenal
Genre : Rock N Roll
Country : Indonesia, Bali
Format : mp3
Web : The Dissland

01 Indah Tubuhmu
02 Berandal Terkenal
Omong Kosong
Kamu Yang Tahu
05 Bintang Jatuh Bohong
06 I don't want you come back
Comback Baby Comeback
08 Shy Girl
09 Pasti Mati
I wanna be your boyfriend

the dissland With retro all the rage in Bali it's not surprising that some bands would look to the Ramones for inspiration. THE DISSLAND formed in 1999 with a determination to create a punk-rock sound not heard before on the island. Their first album "Viva La Rock n' Roll" was packed with 14 songs, fast and furious rock with a clear debt to that seminal 70s band from New York City. But as is prone to occur in the world of rock, the band changed personnel and came up with a new lineup for their 2005 release "Berandal Terkenal." The four current members can now be seen touring at some of the rowdier establishments in Bali so make sure you check 'em out the next time, as Joey Ramone once said, you need to be sedated.


Wahyu Pangestu said...

Minta kunci gitar+Lirik lagu Berandal Terkenal by:TheDissland dong. Thanks

Rejuna Inguh said...

wah maaf kalau yang itu saya ngga punya bro..