The Truth of Imagination

Blood hatred
Evil, attack, burning, brain and mind
In subconscious
Becoming creature of underworld
Blood for the Earth
Blood for the Sky
Curse to the dark side
Addicted to torture
Spreading sufferings
Curse to the dark side
Mankind in Chaos
The path to be a God
From insane world
Dreaming in blood, thirsty for Death, for spririt to survive
Lust is fire
Blazing in the body
The tears are fire
Spit fire breath
Burn all on heaven
Fighting with Gods
Show off the power
Fantasy in reality
Life in subconscious
Dominate to exist in emporium of emptiness
Fight between Demons and Gods, battlefield neverends
Attack with hate
Fight till the end
I am The Truth
My spell is your death
My crown is fire
My spit is fire
Burnin’ hell and heaven
Fly to the Sky
Looking for enemy
Night is mine
No one can hide
From my sharped eyes
No one can live
To feel my breath
Torture and massarce, death valley
Sucking soul, sucking brain, river blood
Spells to evil
Spread sufferings
Harvesting sorrows
Powerfull of hate in the lunacy
Mind in transforms
Maximize imagination
Lust is the truth
Evoke in character of human creature
No more Gods
No more Demons
No more Heavens
There’s only the Truth of imagination

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