Artist : Jerky SucksAlbum : +3
Genre : Punk Rock
Records : 2003

Country : Indonesia, Bali

Format : mp3
Web : Jerky Sucks


01 Prnd (download)
02 Mati & Terkutuk (download)03 Kita Memang Berbeda (download)
04 Alamku (download)
05 Kamu Anjing (download)
06 Ngga Mau OD lagi (download)
07 Fuck the System (download)
08 Koboi Cengeng
09 Kutiduri (download)
10 Bercinta (download)
11 Drifting Away (download)
12 Selamat Tinggal (download)

JERKYSUCKS is a punk rock die hard band from Denpasar city of Bali, Indonesia. By 1995, Ctoz bass player, songwriter and singer met his punk loving classmate DekWir the psycho drummer and Anand Ichigawa the killer guitarist to form punk band called Jerkysucks ( the names taken from Ctoz dogs called "JERKY" ).
Jerkysucks music was inspired by American and British punk band such Noxf, Pennywise, Rancid, Social Distortion, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Motor Head, Misfit, Bad Religion, The Casualties and other. Jerkysucks also took inspiration from other music like reggae, jazz, blues, country and rock n' roll.
In the mid of 1995, Jerkysucks won the battle of the band and started had strong fans base and good reputation into one of balinese punk band most recognized and respected. In May 1999 Jerkysucks had a break from Balinese punk rock music scene.
In late 2000, Jerkysucks surprised Denpasar punk rock scene with launching debut indie self titled "Jerkysucks" album. By 2002, Jerkysucks was released second indie album "Die Mother Fucker". The success of singles "Punk Rocks Not Dead", "I Hate Wakin' Up Early", "Die Mother Fucker", "Selamat Tinggal", "Kebunku" from first and second albums is make a big impact for Jerkysucks. Jerkysucks started got attentions from local and national radio station, magazines and news paper.
Jerkysucks has held punk rock D.I.Y movement in high regard (Jerkysucks was refused the record contract offered from one of respected major label company in Indonesia).
Jerkysucks trademark is Ctoz unic vocal with aggressive straight forward lyrics and simple fast punk chord with killer guitar lead melody and psycho fast drum beat. In August 2003, Jerkysucks was released third indie album "+3" followed by released "Koboi Cengeng" Video Clip.album "+3" was very success in the market. Jerkysucks just Released New Album called "PAHLAWAN PEMBELA BANGSA" (LIMITED EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!)

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