Artist : Kill The Fate
Album : -
Genre : Metal Core
Country : Indonesia, Bali
Format : mp3
Web : Kill TheFate

01 The Atonement

Kill The Fate only has one mean, we say in same way or it is a synonym of Faith.

Born in 26 August 2010. Inspired by the universe, relations between humanity and God, truth and darkness, to live and to die, harmony, spiritual, morality, criticism, the pictures of the realities of struggle for life in our life.


Terlepas dari arti sebenarnya " Kill The Fate" yg berarti "membunuh takdir" merupakan kiasan dari kalimat "mengatur takdir", karena kami percaya bahwa yg mengatur takdir kita sebenarnya adalah kita sendiri. bukan takdir yg mengatur kita! With through struggle and hardwork nothing impossible!

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