Artist : Jeanie
Album : Perfect Glory
Genre : Hard Rock
Country : Indonesia, Bali
Format : mp3
Web : Jeanie

01 Bego Loe
02 Fight For Your Love
03 Jangan Setengah Hati
04 Virtial Angel
05 Manusia Tak Pernah Puas

JEANIE is one of Indonesia’s indie rock bands that formed 10 years ago. At the beginning of year 2000, Jeanie was just a pilot project band between two brothers, Pitt and Metta. The band was formed as a therapy from two sons for the health of their mother (Mrs.Yenny) which by that time had a heart problem. They tried to show their love and the hope for their mother’s recovery by transformed it into the musics that they created. So…in April 14, 2001…a band based on their Mother’s name was formed…they named the band JEANIE. And prise to the Lord, that therapy worked!!! As time goes by, their mother’s health getting better and better. In year 2001, with the help of some good friends, “Jeanie”…the pilot project band of Pitt and Metta has determined it existence as a band by taking parts in a compilation album titled “Titik Terang”, produced by Harica Records Jakarta, with a single called “Hidup Hanya Sekali”. And also within that year, Jeanie released their 1st indie album titled THE EQUALIZER with the hit single called “Bintang Terang”. In year 2002, Pitt and Metta were introduced to Ari Phoenix and Chezz by Dankie “Navicula”, a musician an also a good friend of all of them. So… the 1st solid formation of Jeanie was formed, with the line up Pitt Rose (Vocal), Ari Phoenix (Guitar), Metta (Drums) and Chezz (Bass). From this early formation in the middle of year 2004, Tewe (ex Obligasi) joined the band and took incharge on the rhytm guitar, so the new line up came with Pitt Rose (Vocal), Ari Phoenix (Guitar), Tewe (Guitar), Metta (Drums) and Chezz (Bass). With that formation, Jeanie managed to produce their 2nd indie album titled REINKARNASI, with the hit single called “Salahkah Aku”. In the middle of year 2005, Tewe announced his resignation from the band. Starting from that time in every live performances, Jeanie invited some of their good musician friends to fill the empty rhythm section as additional players, and they were Jeffry, Julius and Onggo, but mostly…Jeanie performed without rhythm guitar. In November 2005, Jeanie released their 3rd indie album titled PROSPERITY LIFE, with the hit single called “Bebal”. In early 2006, Jeanie made their 1st music video of the song “Bebal”, and this video was taken into a music videos compilation album of Bali’s indie rock bands, titled “Video KAMI” produced by A Mild Live, which is one of major cigarette companies in Indonesia that supported music industries. A few months after the making of Bebal music video, was the turn of Chezz announced his resignation from the band, and his position quickly covered temporarily by Ryan as additional bass player. After being so supported to Jeanie in some major gigs and seen Ryan’s solid and though performances as a bass player…in year 2007 Jeanie accepted Ryan to join the band, and it became the latest formation of Jeanie with the line up Pitt Rose (Vocal), Ari Phoenix (Guitar), Metta (Drums) and Ryan (Bass). With this latest formation, Jeanie managed to record a single called “Bego Loe!”, and this single also taken into a compilation album of Bali’s indie rock bands titled “Moshpit Mavericks” produced by A Mild Live. A few months after the released of the compilation album, Jeanie made their 2nd music video of the song “Bego Loe!”. In December 2008, Jeanie’s 4th indie album was released, it titled PERFECT GLORY with the hit single called “Virtual Angel”. In this album, was the very first time for Jeanie to invited Michelle Divine (a best friend, a drummer and also a great poem writer) to write a song for the band. She wrote a song called “Precious Secrets” in the album. It also the very first time for Jeanie to collaborated with other musician friends in the recording process of the album. There were Deddy “The Wheels” that played piano in “Precious Secrets” and Roger “The Wheels” that played trumpet in “Fight For Your Love”. Deddy “The Wheels” is a best friend, a musician, and also an elder for the band. He is the most supported and very helpful musician for Jeanie in the rhythm section in every live performances since the year of 2007. In our musical development, Jeanie mostly influented by 80’s-90’s hair metal bands like Motley Crue, G’NR, Metallica, Aerosmith and also the newest hard rock band, Velvet Revolver. After so many years developing and growing our musics and mixed our taste…Jeanie growth as a hard rock band with a vintage but hard sounds in a medium beat. It all can be heard in our latest album PERFECT GLORY. So…keep rockin’ with us and let us ROCK YOU HARD!!!! Perfect Glory to you all…..!!!!
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